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-Esthi, help me grow 

Are you ready to expand your business. Resulting in your business being booked & busy, manageable, and attractive?


We establish:

-Product & Brand development knowledge   

-Residual Income Plans

-Structured Business Map & Model

-Legalities & Contracts

-Scheduled Zoom Calls & Breakdowns

-How to properly open your physical location

-& more  

-Esthi, help me teach 

You’re where you want to be in business! Now you want to train others with your knowledge. Esthi creates a structured e-course book & training manual guideline specific to your business. Plus, a course marketing structure.

-Esthi, help my child

It takes a village to raise a child. We're here to offer them opportunity within the beauty community. From basic skillset, etiquette, and professionalism. Our resources prepare them for personal and professional growth.

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