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Tiara B., also known as EsthiQueen is the owner of Detroit’s EsthiQueen Beauty Spa, EQ  Healing Spa, and Esthi & Co.. She has been a licensed esthetician and phlebotomist since  2018. Going into esthetics to fix her own skin and gain a healthier lifestyle. EsthiQueen lost  over 140 pounds and cleared her acne. Now having a successful skincare and Weightloss  product line. EsthiQueen went from working out her dining room, to now having 2 locations, 1  being new storefront in Hamtramck, Michigan.


Facing racial and sexual discrimination against her being the FIRST Black Owned Healing Spa  in her city, EsthiQueen fought for her business leading her into politics. Now being the only  African American on the Human Relations Board where her storefront resides.  

EsthiQueen travels globally mentoring and teaching. She’s shared her knowledge and trained  over 500 esthetician’s, and jump started entrepreneurs businesses. Voted Detroit’s #1 Wax  Instructor, and Nominated as BEST ESTHETICIAN globally. 

Her new mentorship and online training launches Nov 2021. She wants her clients, team, and  community to feel at peace, appreciated and full of self love. You can follow her on Instagram  and Facebook @EsthiQueen where she offers trainings, products, services, & free Ebooks on  advancing your life.  

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